Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Journey Begins

So AJ and I have committed to probably one of the most important purchases of our lifetime...our FOREVER HOME...at least until TJ graduates and heads off to college in 18 years!

We are blogging about this journey to help us document and share our journey.  This is a very exciting time and unfortunately sometimes even stressful. The process started off very rocky with a less than communicative SR, but things seem to be rolling along now.  I will say throughout this process it is very important to educate yourself so you can be your best advocate.

We purchased a home in Bealeton, VA called Mintbrook.  We are looking forward to the future development and are hopeful because we bought in early (Phase 1,) that this will be a great investment for us.  There are some pros and cons but over the long haul we are hopeful this house we build will soon be a building we love to call HOME!

Here are a few pictures of the Elevation we chose (Elevation C.)  We will have a full front porch but we will not have brick.  Brick and stone are not an option in the Mintbrook community.  You must pick something out of the scenic/traditional collection.  Abram and I are still undecided on the color siding we want but will update as soon as we know.

I will try and continue to update this as much as possible.  The first few months are slow as the builder pulls the permits.  During this time we will have our meeting with the Flooring Center and the Wiring Center to select any additional options we would like.

We want to thank everyone who has been on the journey with us from DAY 1, we would not have made it this far without God and our family and friends.  Here is to new beginnings in 2015!



  1. Welcome to the blogging world and Mintbrook. :) We are so happy you guys found us. There was a lot rocky communications about the delays, but after I posted on social media about it corporate saw it and told our SR, our SR called me right away, and communication has really improved. He now knows what we expect and is delivering the best he can. At least with our questions now. Not sure when yall signed, so it could have been during that time. I will warn you Ryan homes does read our blogs, but in my eyes this can only help them do better. There is private Facebook group you can join for ryan homes builders and owners. I will post you the link, there are 2 groups, one is better then the other in my eyes as one has ryan homes people in it and the other doesn't. It's looking like May will be when our road will be finished and we can break ground together, lol, it appears they do 2 at a time. At least that's what it looked like on the other street.

    1. Page, thank you so much for all of the insight. I am assuming you SR was TD. We had horrible communication too, so we actually requested someone else. She has really be fantastic. We have had some delayed communication, but that is merely because she is not 100% familiar with the community. It would be awesome if we could break ground together. I was hoping the roads would be paved by the end of this month...but I guess that is not in the plans. We signed the beginning of April so we are not due to close until September. I am hoping that with the summer approaching the delays will be minimal. I am still looking forward to slapping a SOLD sign on our Lot Sign (very cliche) but at least it means we are one step closer!

  2. Ryan Homes Owner & Building Group (no ryan homes people, lol)
    Ryan Homes New Home Building Group

    1. Thank you I am going to add them this evening.