Monday, April 20, 2015

Touring the Flooring

So we had our flooring appointment on Friday, April 17, 2015 with Coleman.  From what I understand Coleman is the new flooring vendor, different from a previous one people used.  There were not as many options I had envisioned and a lot of things were pre-set.  We stucks with a lot of the standard features but did get a few upgrades we thought were worth the investment.  Overall we spent around 4K, which in my book is reasonable.  Needless to say, hubby was happy I didn't go to overboard either.

Carpet & Padding:
We went with the basic carpet, the darkest shade (Baseline/Cobblehill) for the basement and the next to darkest shade (Baseline/Thornwood) for the main level and upstairs).  I really hate they don't allow you to have the same carpet on the stairs.  We did upgrade the padding and even that was still pretty pricey but hopefully it prolongs the wear and tear.

We upgraded the hardwood to a Level B for the foyer, kitchen, and morning room.  The hardwood is called 3 1/4 Dundee/Espresso.
Here is a pic of the hardwood and main level carpet and kitchen granite
(really hoping the contract between the light and dark will make the kitchen pop)
Basement Bathroom:
We kept the basement bathroom pretty much 100% standard.  We chose the almond tile and bone grout. We also stuck with the standard vinyl flooring.  We are keeping the standard maple wheat cabinets and vanities throughout the house. We have re-done both bathrooms in our current home so the vanity is something we can fix later on at a much cheaper cost.

Main Level Powder Room:
We kept the powder room 100% standard as well. We are waiting to hear back from our sales rep though because I believe hardwood in the main level powder room was included as a part of the Dream Kitchen incentive. If this is the case we should receive a credit back from the flooring company and may use that to get another upgrade.
Upstairs Hall Bath:
Again, we kept the upstairs bathroom 100% standard as well.  We chose the white tile with white grout. (This will mainly be used for our son, so hopefully we can upgrade when he is a little older.)  We will have the maple wheat cabinet with standard white vanity top.  As of right now, I am planning on going with a little monsters theme, so eventually bright paint colors and accents. 
 Here is my current inspiration for the upstairs hall bath

Master Bath:
The bulk of our upgrades were in the mater bath.  We upgraded the up to a Level C for the tile and flooring. The design is called Heathland/Raffia, it is very brown in tone, and warm. We did get a corner shelf which was another $50.00 but we got it in the basic white to tie it into the standard white vanity top.  I really couldn't believe all of the small things they nickel and dime you for.  We did not get the mud pan reset, but we are considering changing it, it just burns me up the Ryan Homes charges you and so does the flooring place.
Here is a pic of the master bathroom selections


  1. Great picks. Floor is the easiest thing to upgrade later. I'm fan of the hardwood you selected, my husband wouldn't let me go that dark, but I love dark wood. They really do nickel and dime you with the shelves being extra, at least one should be included. We had a problem at our flooring appointment on what was included too, surprising Our SR corrected the floor lady right away, only to have the floor lady never update or send our paper. So we missed out deadline, which was the flooring people's fault, but it all got taken care of, infact we went back for a second look at the options we picked and were about to change something small. I was really happy they let us do this, as I felt so rushed with 14 and 30 days deadlines. So my advice is to check up on making sure they update your paperwork.

    1. Thanks Page for the compliment. We really tried to be conservative with our upgrades but man on man do they add up quick. We did get the white soap dish at no cost but we had to pay for the corner shelf. I am hoping to go back out on May 2 to review the options again, I think I will stick with the same selections but who knows after sleeping on it for a few weeks. The only other thing I have been unsure of is the siding color and kitchen hardware. Today we selected the Med Green since we saw it on another house - I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how subtle the color was. I really wanted the gray but I HATED the gray siding with white trim and an almond color garage. I think the garage should be able to match the siding but there was no option to change the color. It wouldn't be so bad if we had a rear facing garage but with a front load I just didn't want to pull into something I dislike everyday. With the dark hardwood floors I am thinking about going with the antique appliances versus the brushed nickel but haven't quite made up me mind.

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  3. LOVE the flooring! So glad I can picture it now. :) And that bathroom for your son is going to be so cute. Love your master bath tile, too. I'm so excited to see it come together! The green really is pretty.. and it would flow better with the almond door if you do settle with that. :) No matter what it's still going to be lovely. But you're right, you don't want to hate what you see daily. I can't say I will ever agree or understand why that was the counties decision. Just like they wanted the exterior lights changed so that they were frosted and you couldn't see the lightbulbs. Strange things they require. Oh yeah.. they required the roof over the porch be metal. I, however, LOVE that they required that from RH because I like the look of the metal roof but was in no way willing to pay for it. The ORB fixtures are really nice! Just keep in mind that if you do get ORB it goes on all the door frames, handles, and faucets, but does not cover the light fixtures in the bathroom nor the towel holders - those are brushed nickle. I would definitely be clarifying this. Because I saw this in the home next to us and it blew my mind that it wasn't a cohesive look but it would save less for switching out later. :)

    1. Michelle, we went with the green :) I really wish the county would let the garage match the trim. The other surrounding neighborhoods all have white garages so that is just bonkers to me. We saw the green on Will and Lindsey's and it wasn't as aggressive as I thought it would be. My husband is still a fan of the red but it just reminded me a lot of a barn. Wow I didn't know that about the exterior lights either, the nice thing is we will all have recessed lights on the back/side porch. I have been going back and forth on patio furniture and the types of chairs. A part of me want traditional rocking chars but I also wouldn't mind a swing. I also really love the look of the metal roof. I was thinking of starting a FB for Mintbrook, it would obviously be light on members now but we could share community events, neighborhood news...etc